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Liz Perlin O'Hara

Energy Healing Practitioner

Welcome to The Nestled Soul

My name is Liz O'Hara and I'm passionate about supporting women who are struggling to get pregnant, and then every step of the way.  I use energy healing to help women who are looking for support to connect to and align with their deepest desires.

Please go to the Fertility Support page for details or to book a

Free Consult for a Glorious Pregnancy, Glorious You!  I look forward to connecting!



I support clients who experience:
Anxiety, Depression, Chronic illness, Addiction, Surgery, Reproductive issues, Auto-immune related disorders, Emotional trauma and Chronic pain, among other manifesting conditions. 

If you have an issue that's interfering with your life or preventing you from moving forward, we can dig into it and channel healing that will clear and restore your energy around it.  This includes physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks, and systemic obstacles in your energy field.  We will use the approach that is most effective for you. 

Liz offers individual and family healing sessions using ThetaHealing, Integrated Energy Therapy, NLP, DNA clearing and Reiki, as well as other healing energies that may come into the session.

Remote Sessions Available




What clients are saying...

Liz is a phenomenal healer. She is very on point in her healing. She loves doing this work. She has assisted me with healing a lot of trauma and guilt. She also picks up what needs to be healed at that time and is guided by her angelic beings to help assist you with your healing process. I recommend this jewel to you and hope you will find peace and healing after your many sessions with her.


Walla Walla, WA

I was having an issue moving forward in a certain area of my life and it felt like a subconscious block.  I am normally a positive person with a good attitude about my life and getting things done, but for some reason felt 'stuck.'  Liz found that the issue was from another life, where I felt trapped and unable to provide for my family.  She did a healing on that life and helped me balance my energy so this was no longer part of my subconscious beliefs.  After our session, I have felt ready to move forward and take action, which is more in line with how I normally do things.  It felt very natural to work with Liz.  I would recommend her for any issues you have, especially if you're feeling stuck like I was.


Edmonton, Alberta Canada

One word to describe Liz's healing.... Amazing!  She was able to go deep, and without me telling her much of anything.  Just the basics and she connected with loved ones that had passed over... again, telling her things that she wouldn't have known.


San Francisco, California

I had a session with Liz and WOW is all I can say!  I was really scared that my family and I were going to get COVID from being exposed.  She tapped into my energy and found the level of fear I was feeling was because of a trauma I had when I was twelve!  She released that feeling and I'm not scared about it the way I was before.  I actually relaxed about some other things I had going on that I didn't realize were causing me stress.  I was able to see the whole incident as a chance for my family to take a break while we waited for our results.


Gilbert, Arizona

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