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I'm Liz, and I'm a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner who, during a period of depression and chronic illness, received a divine message from my ancestors that I would be having another baby, even though I was already in my forties. It seemed crazy to me when I received this guidance, because I thought I was too old, emotionally weary, and physically debilitated to have another child. However, I've learned that anything is possible through Spirit.

It was a tough journey to get here, but once I started focusing less on the baby and committed to working on the "vessel" (myself!), things began to change in a matter of months. My marriage grew stronger, and my physical and emotional health improved rapidly. Not only that, my menstrual cycle actually changed back to how it was in my younger years! Eventually, at forty-five, just as my spiritual guides had told me, I became pregnant naturally. As of this writing, I am due the week of my forty-sixth birthday.

Because of the tremendous guidance I received from my ancestors, I am now guided to help women who are struggling to get pregnant conceive the children they dream of having. Regardless of how badly they may fear they can't get pregnant, I work with them to align their energy with their desires using the same process I used for myself.

Whether you've sought medical assistance or are trying to conceive on your own, I'm here to provide support, guidance and healing through spiritual energy work. You don't have to do it alone. I invite you to schedule a free consultation to learn more.



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