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It's all about the heartspace.  Our heartspace is where our beautiful soul resides.  But what if what we project outward is not aligned with our soul's purpose?  This may cause us to feel disconnected, stuck, or not in the flow of life.  It can also manifest as illness, emotional distress, troubled relationships, and in a variety of other ways.  In Theta Healing, the practitioner begins by guiding the client to connect with the energy of the Universe.  This is not specific to one religion, but an energy that is present for anyone and everyone.  The practitioner connects to this energy as well, inviting in spirit guides who are called to help with the presenting issue.  Together they remove any energies that are not authentic to the client's field, whether they appear in the form of energetic contracts, beliefs taken on from others, and so on.  There then becomes an amazing opportunity to integrate lost soul fragments and the gifts that the Universe has to offer, such as unconditional love, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness.  This is a powerful path to healing.  As I work with the client to bring forth changes in his or her internal world, things begin to align for the soul, creating a new external world with a whole new set of possibilities!

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