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Like us, objects and places hold energy.  And just like us, through focus and intent, an energy practitioner can read, clear, and even reprogram them.  When I recently tapped into the house where I used to live, I discovered that the family who lived there before us had a similar energy to ours.  The house had been on the market for almost a year before we came across it.  During my reading of the house, there was a sense that it was wanting, or even waiting for, a family that was comfortable and familiar... because the old family's energy was not something it had wanted to let go of. 

In another scenario, there was a family presenting with dysfunctional relationships, anger, and miscommunication.  When I read the energy of their house, I found there was an imprint of the previous family and some traumas that family had experienced while living there.  This is not the same as "ghosts" who linger in a place.  This was the energy in the walls, the floors and the land surrounding the structures.  By clearing this imprint and infusing love, compassion and understanding in its place, there was a noticeable shift in the family dynamic.  While with a client, I may sometimes pick up on the energy of a frequented place, such as the client's home or office, and this clearing work can become part of the healing session.

In my experience, an object does not usually come into a session unless the client explicitly presents it.  One of the most interesting stories I encountered was when a woman presented me with an engagement ring that had been passed down through her family.  She wanted to know more about it.  While reading the object, two female ancestors came forward to tell the story.  The ring had traditionally been passed down to the oldest daughter.  Three generations prior, the oldest daughter had been engaged and then unexpectedly passed away before marriage.  The ring was held for her sister, and then continued down to her oldest daughter, and so on.  There was a sense of loss and sadness in their retelling, but also an overwhelming feeling of honoring and remembrance.  I was guided not to clear anything from this ring, only to share her ancestors' words and relay the beauty they saw in allowing an object to carry a piece of what was lost to an untimely death. 

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