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Beginning at birth, we take on messages about ourselves and the world at an incredible rate.  Whether it's through things said directly to us or in our presence, or what we observe in the people and world around us, this becomes part of the fabric of who we are and how we function.  It only makes sense for us to view ourselves and respond to others based on the beliefs we hold to be true.  By the process of identifying the beliefs that keep self-love at a distance, we can actually change them.  When an individual has experienced a trauma in the past, there is often a pattern that continues to repeat based on the emotions associated with that event.  Through NLP, it is possible to shift the energy around a single event and change the pattern throughout a person's timeline, extending to future events.  This work essentially has the power to alter the course of the client's life.  NLP holds the potential to change your relationships with others, how you view yourself, and how you set goals for the future.  Through this process, I guide you to expand your joy and success, whether it be in your personal relationships or your professional life.

Founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, this coaching technique empowers individuals to transform their thinking, giving them a more positive understanding about themselves and events in their life.  Also included in NLP is a technique called EMI (Eye Movement Integration), which helps the brain release old blocks, messages and beliefs in order to integrate new positive messages in their place.

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