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Medical Intuition involves knowledge of the organs and systems of the body and the ability to track energy and communicate with the body.  Oftentimes, what may be presenting in one area of the body actually stems from an issue in a different system or organ.  Suppose a client is presenting with a digestive issue in the lower intestines.  If we view the body as energy, we can see that it is possible to "talk" to the intestines and find out what they are in need of to function more efficiently.  Using the process of tracking, I may find that the issue actually begins in the thyroid, the adrenal system, or the circulatory system.  Through focus and intent, it is then time to remove any blockages, help the parts of the body communicate with each other more freely in order to "connect" with one another, and send healing to the areas that are in need of it.  I have helped people with symptoms such as back pain and neuropathy, and have provided support during cancer treatment.

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