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Align with Pregnancy: Channeled Healing to Attune Your Body


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Each module of this 9-week online program includes a guided Channeled healing, a Weekly exercise/practice, and a Meditation.  I will also host a weekly Live Q and A and you'll be invited to a Private FB Group for workshop members.

Module 1: Clearing your Chakras.  In this first week, the focus will be on clearing any fears or false beliefs you are holding in your energy centers, giving you a greater openness and attunement to calling in your true desires.

Module 2:  Sacral Work.  We hold 30% of our Life Force Energy in our sacral chakra, the very place your baby needs to be!  In this module, we will release any stagnant energy that is still residing there.

Module 3:  Angels and Ancestors.  Your angels and ancestors are right behind you/ next to you/ above you.  In this module, you will learn to perceive them and reach out to them whenever you need to.

Module 4:  Angels and Ancestors continued.  Meet your Sound Healer, Aurora Seraphine.

Module 5: My Body Knows What to Do.  Birth control, medical diagnoses or procedures, assisted fertility treatments, being told you're too old... Most of us have encountered at least one of these in our lifetime.  It's time to remove anything that has ever told your body "This is going to be hard!"  In this module, we give your body a different message... that YOU ARE READY!

Module 6: Divine Masculine and Feminine.  In this module, we will tap into your Divine Masculine and Feminine energies and help you bring yourself into balance and alignment with your divine energy.

Module 7: New Moon Energy.  In this module, we will explore the powerful potential we can harness from the New Moon phase.  This phase represents the time of month most linked with fertility and holds an amazing energy, even if your body is not physically aligned with this cycle.  Meet special guest and Moonology™ specialist, Sarah Hau.

Module 8: Your Divine Counterpart.  Connecting with your partner, whether or not he or she will be the one providing the "seed," is an affirmation to the Universe that there is a safe and balanced place for your baby.  Even if things are rough in your relationship right now, doing this work can strengthen the energy around your desire to bring in new life.  PLEASE NOTE: An equivalent healing with the energy of "safe and balanced" will be provided for those trying to conceive on their own (without a partner).

Module 9: In the Light of the Divine.  Now that you have drawn your energy into alignment, we will put it all together.  I will guide you in creating a practice that works for you to keep your energy attuned to your desires.

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