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I began my career as a teacher, teaching art in an amazing and supportive school.  I really got to know my students.  My role was to guide them to find their own unique form of expression and develop the stories they wanted to tell through their art.  I loved getting to know my students, watching them grow and change over the years, and often getting to know their families as well. 

Meanwhile in my personal life, I experienced some events that greatly impacted me and my reality.  My husband became ill with a number of severe physical symptoms that often left him bedridden.  Visiting doctor after doctor, he was eventually diagnosed, putting names to his conditions, but no meaningful treatments.  I found this difficult to accept.  A few years later, I had a child who was born with extra needs.  Once again, I found myself wondering how to square the limitations I perceived some of his traditional practitioners were placing on him with the limitless child I saw in front of me. 

These situations led us to seek out other answers.  We found practitioners who worked with both the physical and energetic body and we saw actual and measurable change.  We discovered that the whole family could benefit from this type of work.  I started participating in Ancestral Healing ceremonies and taking workshops on Shamanic journeying. 

The challenges in my life were the very thing that brought me to where I am now, living my next life passion.  I am trained and certified in Reiki, Theta Healing, NLP and DNA clearing, among other modalities.  Whatever type of issue you're currently working through, we can work together to find your path to living in better health as your authentic self, realizing that any shift you make ripples into every aspect of your life.  I look forward to getting to know you and being a part of your journey in healing.      


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