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Timeline Limited Edition

The Nestled Soul


Do you Believe

it's possible to heal

from anything?

Certified Practitioner, Liz O'Hara:

Reiki -TheteHealing - NLP - IET - Medical Intuition - and more


Why I'm so passionate about what I do...

After being REALLY sick for almost a full year, from a missed infection that took hold in my body, I just knew something had to change.


And now that I’ve been on the other side of it for awhile, I want to help those who are losing hope that they may ever be free from a Chronic Condition... because I know from my experience that it can feel that way.  And I've also come to realize through the many clients I've worked with that a lot of people don't even think to MENTION their chronic conditions when we're working together... because they've dealt with pain or exhaustion for so long they just assume it will always be there.  

I think this may be the saddest part for me. I remember what it was like to start to worry it would always be like this. Adding one more doctor visit or one more therapy might help me manage my symptoms, but it wasn't really the same as getting better. 


So I'm offering a free live workshop on Tuesday May 21st, at 5pm Pacific... 

a different approach to addressing a Chronic Condition, when other things just aren't helping you REALLY GET BETTER. It's called:


Take Back Your Health [and Then Your Life]; A Holistic Workshop for People with Chronic Conditions 


It's not about managing the symptoms. It's much more about giving people the power, possibility and tools to actually start healing themselves.

  Claim your FREE ticket here  

Timeline Limited Edition

What people are saying...

Meet LIZ, a massage therapist with chronic fevers.

Liz was suffering from nausea and daily fevers of 102 degrees for 10 months.  Her doctors couldn't pinpoint a cause. It got so bad it was impacting her business. After we worked together, Liz reported that her symptoms "disappeared and haven't come back."

Meet TAMMY, a woman longing for a baby later in life.

Tammy had children from a previous marriage and was trying to conceive with her current partner. After a year of trying, Tammy and I worked together and the following month she was pregnant, and now has a beautiful baby girl.

Meet MARY, a mother of three with long-term digestive issues.*

Mary has suffered from chronic health problems including unexplained stomach pain, poor circulation, headaches, and heartburn. After our first session together, she reported her heartburn completely resolved. She's also reported improvement with her other symptoms as well.  

*Some names have been substituted

If we haven't met...

I'm Liz O'Hara

As a certified Energy Healer and Medical Intuitve who's helped hundreds of people with physical and emotional pain, I help people move away from just managing their symptoms and towards finding the answers to REALLY GET BETTER.

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